Who We Are

  • We are problem solvers, creators, entrepreneurs, and investors and we are here to partner with communities and companies across Africa and Europe and beyond to provide innovative and integrative solutions and services to achieve a more sustainable business market culturally, socially, and financially.
  • AfriKairos is an investment and matchmaking enabler between Africa, Latin America and Europe, home of the SevenPillars Methodology.
  • We support companies in the design and implementation of a change management strategy that improves sustainability performance and business resilience based on the SevenPillars Sustainability framework whereby sustainability thinking and actions are aligned, across all business functions, internally and externally.
  • Our approach is based on the first framework for sustainable corporate ratings to be developed using scientific methods, namely the Frankfurt-Hohenheim Guidelines (FHL). Against this background, we enable African companies through the SevenPillars methodology to have better access to capital, better risk and credit ratings.
  • We build synergies between continents and peoples, systems, and cultures with unique expertise and experiences across Africa and Europe.
  • Through their work and collaboration with AfriKairos, our clients achieve improved global credibility.


Our vision is for the world’s economies and corporate communities to have successfully integrated sustainable business models. We believe that it is the future of business and the key to new heights of innovation and financial and economical growth. As the world’s society gradually transitions to more sustainable living, so must the world’s economy financially. Companies must transition culturally, financially, and structurally towards a more sustainable business to create economical and corporate resilience and vitality for the future to come. We are here to provide the guides and structure needed to transition smoothly to the near future. By implementing the SevenPillars methodology, we aim to help companies to develop their unique sustainability culture to enhance workforce engagement, performance, sustainability impact, and resilience across all business functions.

What we endeavor to see in the Future:

  • We strive to expand and improve integrated reporting approaches with a focus on sustainability, the future of our economy, and communities around the world.
  • We aim to bridge worlds and peoples, through sustainable thinking, circular economy models, investments, and education to strive for real transitional change.
  • We work together with our partners to create a culture of sustainability and corporate vitality.

Our Founders

Dr Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien
Managing Partner, Lagos
Benedikt Hoffmann
Managing Partner, Frankfurt

Our Global Headquarters



Growing Businesses Group

  • Growing Businesses Group (GBG) is a corporate community with experience in investment, entrepreneurship, and vision in Africa and internationally. All the Group’s entities combine to create a robust network of experience and knowledge in different markets, such as sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship, mentoring, investing, and consulting.
  • GBG collectively has experience working and developing with some of the biggest and fastest-growing companies and entities around the world especially those prominent in Africa and Latin America, as well as impacting millions of lives across Africa. The GBG Group consists of these entities:
  • Growing Businesses Capital (GBC)
  • Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF)
  • Circular Economy Innovative Partnership (CEIP)
  • All services are accessible for AfriKairos and their partners to create a more diverse and effective experience and growth towards a resilient and sustainable corporate business structure.