Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF) combats poverty by enabling enterprise amongst the poorest people in Nigeria. They are a professional and dependable development intermediary, and a strong advocate for sustainable economic development serving those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. GBF has managed microfinance investment portfolios exceeding N1Billion on behalf of private sector clients to start and grow micro-enterprises across Nigeria and has provided capacity building and technical assistance services to more than 200,000 micro-entrepreneurs since establishment. Their mission is to enhance collaboration amongst businesses, governments and non-profit organizations that creates opportunities to millions of people at the bottom of the pyramid across Nigerian communities.

Emex is a cloud-based platform that consolidates all safety, sustainability, environmental processes and reporting capabilities into a single place. It is an integrated platform enabling all your business and its components to manage EHS & ESG tasks with a single view and ensures that all activities align with your goals of being compliant, improving performance and enabling all stakeholders to share in your journey.

VROOM is the exclusive platform that allows potential investors privileged access to innovators with big ideas. Every year 8 international companies at various stages of their development are offered the opportunity to present their unique business on the Vroom stage. VROOM Summit in Monaco is the most prominent technology investor event in the Principality. The Vroom Summit features exceptional investment opportunities sourced from around EMEA. They scout for these companies through their VROOM Caravan events across various locations with support from their local ambassadors and mentors.

White Castle Partners facilitate the quick and substantial penetration of clients’ products and services into EMEA markets, using their extensive and high-quality network across EMEA’s corporate landscape, including Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, Financial, Automotive, Gaming, and Manufacturing industries. They help clients build enduring success and long-term legacy. White Castle Partners was created by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors, tech executives, lawyers, and strategists with years of experience in starting, growing, and exiting businesses.

The Weltethos Institute (also Global Ethic Institute) is a research and teaching institution at the University of Tübingen with the aim of anchoring value orientation and trust in business and society. The focus is on offering competence in learning about identity and encounter, as well as ethical language and action in the age of globalization. As part of Hans Küng’s “Global Ethic Project”, the Institute addresses the following question in various ways: Under what conditions can we survive together in cultural, ideological and religious diversity on an habitable earth and shape our individual and social life in a humane way?

The University of Lagos was founded in Nigeria in 1962. It presently has three Campuses in Yaba and Surulere. Their mission is to provide a conducive environment for teaching, learning, research and development, where staff and students will interact and compete effectively with other counterparts globally and a constant strive for excellence in knowledge, character and service to humanity.

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany with approx. 15,000 students, 340 professors, and over 50 degree programs. The university’s range of programs and research capacities extends from engineering sciences, mathematics, information science and computer science to management, social sciences, and social work, as well as architecture, media and design. h_da has an excellent reputation for its practice-oriented approach to higher education.

The Centre for Sustainable Economic and Corporate Policy (SEPC) in Darmstadt is an institute of the Department of Economics of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) and the Darmstadt Business School. The SEPC understands itself as an integral part of the university. The institute aims to broaden the research output of the university and to further develop the research and teaching capacities of the Darmstadt Business School.

The CERA PROJECT is an art organisation for the promotion and exhibition of contemporary art that falls outside of Eurocentric and Western narratives, founded in 2016 by Inês Valle. They develop, curate and collaborate on cultural projects, art exhibitions and events across the world. They encourage critical engagement with contemporary global issues, fosters dialogue between artists, curators, writers, scientists and collectors, and invite audiences to think differently about art, globalisation and their personal relation to the world.

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