Impact Investing

  • AfriKairos facilitates funding for sustainable enterprises and start-ups who endeavor to implement sustainable and circular economy principles throughout their business strategies.
  • We strive to give entrepreneurs across Africa and Europe the ability to pitch their strategies and ventures to investors seeking the future of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a strong relationship for mentoring and future guidance.

Sustainability Consulting

  • AfriKairos works closely with companies to ensure a smooth transition towards sustainable business models through the SevenPillars methodology. We are there step by step from transition to implementation, finding the problems and providing in-depth and integrative solutions using a detailed and customized SevenPillars approach.
  • We support companies in the design and implementation of a change management strategy that improves sustainability performance and business resilience based on the SevenPillars Sustainability framework whereby sustainability thinking and actions are aligned, across all business functions, internally and externally.

Match Making

  • We offer to be the bridge between entities to strive and create resilient companies with the knowledge, resources, and growth to expand and evolve globally.
  • By linking companies across continents and markets, through consultancy, forums, and more, we create an environment of innovation where mentorship, growth, and learning can be implemented along with the integration of more sustainable thinking and entrepreneurship.

Our Academy

  • By partnering with universities, AfriKairos has created a network of learning for the future and current entrepreneurs to learn about sustainable business strategy and become part of the network of our future economies.
  • We offer events such as panel discussions, seminars, workshops, and lectures, using our vast network and portfolio of companies and experienced individuals, to expand your knowledge of sustainable business and corporate vitality. We strive to encourage and ensure sustainable innovation within all industries and business models among our future entrepreneurs and financial leaders.

Our Current Events

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Stakeholder Workshop on Operationalizing Sustainability & Circular Economy Webinar

Delivered to you by AfriKairos and IOD on April 22, 2021 at 3pm (WAT)

This webinar introduces a range of perspectives on sustainability, circular economy, ESG Ratings and Integrated Reporting and also paves the way for a series of future workshops to be delivered by Afrikairos and IOD in Q3, 2021.

Our aim is to provide insight into global trends, variances in levels of adoption, brainstorm on strategies to incorporate SMEs, gauge levels of corporate interest and capability within corporate organizations and draw on the insights of academia and regulators operating in this space.

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April 22, 2021

CEIP Circular Economy Masterclass - Lightning Round

Sponsored by Afrikairos and hosted by Lagos State Government and Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP)

CEIP Circular Economy Masterclasses are intensive hands-on programmes designed to introduce participants to key Circular Economy concepts and tools which can be applied to a range of business and policy issues. The Masterclasses are delivered in two formats:

1) Lightning Rounds, which are two-hour sessions targeted at individuals that focus on specific CE business opportunities and policy interventions and their application.

2) Strategy Development and Implementation Programmes, which is a module-based three-month programme targeted at executive teams so they can design and implement a CE strategy for their organization.

December 15, 2020

Lagos State Roundtable on Circular Economy: "Circular Lagos"

Sponsored by Afrikairos and organised by CEIP in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget, Lagos State. The Roundtable seeks to:

• Learn from leading countries emerging best practices and innovations in circular economy as Lagos State drive economic growth and opportunities for business development in circular economy

• Explore Long term strategies & Collaboration – how to build momentum for circular economy engagement that fosters knowledge share, development financing, and partnership to Lagos State as a model for Nigeria.

December 2, 2020